An Investment program,
where you can invest
and make outstanding profit

with your deposit daily!

Your choice of 4 profitable investment plans,
where profit depends on the deposit amount.

Higher deposit = More profits.

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Investment Plans

Selected Plan:

Tutorial Investment

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Daily Return 0.50 USD
Total Return 40.5 USD
+15.5 USD



Min. 25 USD



Min. 501 USD



Min. 2501 USD



Min. 5001 USD


Investment Range Max. 25000 USD
Daily for 31 calendar days (even paying on weekends!)

How It Works


Account creation is simple & takes less than 2-3 minutes.



Simply choose the plan you like and make a deposit to make the clock ticking.



In just 24 hours after your deposit you will receive your first day's profits!



Withdraw profits to your wallet, or reinvest them to earn even more!


About us

Ynvestry LTD was established in 2019 in the jurisdiction of United Kingdom (click here to check). Our company participates in various markets like: IT Services, medical services and research, construction and real estate, shipping and much more. By connecting global & multinational companies, Ynvestry makes it possible for individuals to participate in a profitable investment market. Ynvestry's analysts constantly study and analyze markets to search for new directions, opportunities. Despite the fact that we are a relatively new company, our specialists are ambitious and already have huge reputation in the market. Our next steps are to expand to Asian and European markets by opening multiple offices around the globe. With the help of our offices more and more people can study, examine and participate in our investment offers.

Certified Company in the United Kingdom
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company established

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Referral Program

Help your friends to achieve their dreams and earn a commission by sharing your unique referral link!

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Bonus Program

Earn an additional Bonus by completing the following tasks:

Social Bonus

Receive from 0.2 USD to 150 USD bonus for writing news or posting your unique affiliate link with a description of our company operations on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can also receive a bonus for posting your first payment proof from Ynvestry on blogs, forums and monitors.

Video Bonus

Receive a bonus for making a video review about Ynvestry and posting it to your channel. The video must show you have an active deposit in our platform. Receive a bonus again for making a video with a payment proof coming from Ynvestry!
The amount of bonus depends on the video quality, your subscribers or followers count. Earn from 10 USD to 300 USD for each video depending on these circumstances.


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