About Ynvestry Ltd.

What we do

Our goal is to make our customers life easier by providing profitable investment opportunities to reach short, medium or long term goals faster. Our specialists work hard to make our clients funds work for them. Participating in global & multinational investments gives us the opportunity to provide better returns than regular local banks, which are also restricted by governments. Because the governments do not want their people to be rich, stress free, self-employed, they limit their opportunities and by trying to reduce their passive income, they force their people to work hard for their money. Not anymore if you are a client of Ynvestry! With our investment opportunities, we open the doors to a new, stress free, rich life, which is not only rich in money, it is also rich in new experiences! It's the experiences that make us happy, not only the final goal!

We regularly review and reorganize our participation in the companies we work with to ensure and guarantee the profits we provide day by day!

Our Strategy and Our Goals


Standing out of the competition is only possible if we continuously develop and improve. We made plans of development & improvement for the upcoming years, and we are constantly reviewing and we are adjusting these plans as necessary. This will allow us to expand our activities and our coverage of the clients reached. This also includes the opening of offices outside the European market, expanding to Asia, Africa, Australia, America and other continents.


Company Idea

Specialists sat together and the idea of Ynvestry was born



We have started developing and improving our investment system



Contracts with several multinational companies, multiple investments from the business sector


Company Registration

Ynvestry Ltd. has been established in the United Kingdom (click here to check)


Global Availability

Launching our online investment platform for clients around the world